This model is reserved for those who expect the best in terms of space, comfort, power and prestige. The project design, strict tests and production technology are aimed at off ering the maximum. The console is equipped with ergonomic controls with an optimal lay-out. There is a complete, sophisticated array of instruments. The bow sundeck can be enjoyed in excellent comfort and pleasure. The numerous, easy to access lockers are roomy enough to hold all the equipment on board and the accessories of all the passengers (up to 12). In a word: exciting.

prodaja camaca galijayachting D800


  • Length (Lmax): 799 cm
  • Max. beam: 300 cm
  • Dry weight: 1230 kg
  • Max. applicable power Kw (HP) 295 (400)
  • People carrying capacity: 18

*The price is without VAT,

Galija yachting
Prodaja čamaca, motora i nautičke opreme

Ada Ciganlija 7
11000 Beograd

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