In comparison to the bigger models, the D.700, is shorter but not less efficient. It can still carry 12 passangers who can move around freely. The central console makes driving confortable with its multifunction seat, and leaves a wide corridor on both sides. The bow sundeck is equally spacious as it is the confortable stern couch were 3 people can seat confortably. Not to forget the 7 wide lockers which can hold many things. D.700 for special emotion.

prodaja camaca galijayachting D700


  • Length (Lmax): 675 cm
  • Max. beam: 269 cm
  • Dry weight: 600 kg
  • Max. applicable power Kw (HP) 148 (200)
  • People carrying capacity: 12

*The price is without VAT,

Galija yachting
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Ada Ciganlija 7
11000 Beograd

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