Specially designed for those who love sunbathing, this boat has been designed to take advantage of all possible space to be used as sundeck. To the traditional large bow sundeck, extended up to the console, typical of the Evolution range, the extended stern area is added. With the simple rotation of the backrest, it can be easily converted from a comfortable passengers seat to additional sundeck. The large capacity of the stern locker allows to stow all the necessary for the 10 passengers onboard.

Prodaja-camaca-Selva-D600 DS


  • Length (Lmax): 599 cm
  • Max. beam: 263 cm
  • Dry weight: 500 kg
  • Max. applicable power Kw (HP) 126 (171)
  • People carrying capacity: 10

*The price is without VAT,

Galija yachting
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Ada Ciganlija 7
11000 Beograd

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