Selva D.540

Here we present the D.540, attractive and exciting as every model of the Evolution Line, an advantageous mixture of the recreational and sporty boat, of beauty and safety. A rich range of fi ttings makes it versatile and competitive. Its attractive line will give you the best in every situation, while the Selva Marine propulsers will give you a dedicated design, in practice an ideal balance between motor and boat, that achieves performances without compromises. With a length of just over 5 meters, the D.540 is a boat that is extremely easy to handle and practical to manage, but that is, at the same time, roomy and spacious in the distribution of its interior space.

prodaja camaca galijayachting D.540


  • Length (Lmax): 535 cm
  • Max. beam: 243 cm
  • Dry weight: 340 kg
  • Max. applicable power Kw (HP) 85 (115)
  • People carrying capacity: 8

*The price is without VAT,

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